In 2020 we added a new segment to our regular Dino-Bee Club meetings. We call it Ask-A-Beek. Anyone at our meetings could ask any beekeeping question, and one of our local experts would supply and on-the-spot reply. This is a great way to get solid information especially about solutions specifically geared to local beekeeping. We have had to temporarily suspend our meetings, but we don’t want the learning and exchange of information to stop. We want to continue Ask-A-Beek because we know so much of beekeeping is local.

So, if you have a question you would like to ask a local beekeeper, use the form below to send us your questions. We will get you the very best answer we can including pictures and links to more information. We’ll email you the answer, then post all questions and answers (without names or contact info) to a PDF collection of Dino-Bee Answers Your Questions.