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  • Dino-Bee Club of Glenrose, TX

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    We meet at 6:30PM on the second Tuesday of each month at the Glen Rose Citizen's Center, 209 SW Bernard Street, Glen Rose, Texas


    Our goal is to provide opportunities to learn safe & proper practices for the management of honey bees; and in the process, build a stronger beekeeping community.


    Visitors are welcome!


    Glen Rose, Texas sits atop limestone formations containing dinosaur footprints. Our club celebrates that dinosaur connection in it's name: The Dino-Bee Club.

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    American Beekeeping Journal
    August, 1985, pg 564-567by G. W. HAYES, JR.
    Dadant & Sons, Inc., Wayland, Michigan

    A few years ago while associated with OSU/ATI, I was able to start research on a question that has always sparked interest for beekeepers. I have not been able to finish the preliminary study as yet, but thought that I would share the first thought provoking data that was gathered with the readers of the American Bee Journal. This paper will be presented at the upcoming XXXth International Beekeeping Congress in Nagoya, Japan.

    When you mention the words queen excluder at a gathering of beekeepers you have just set the stage for a minimum of 60 minutes of discussion. Every beekeeper has their own
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    New to Beekeeping? David Laferney has taken the time to outline the issues and decisions you will make before purchasing your equipment. Take advantage of his experience and save yourself a lot of trouble and wasted expense.

    A Beginners Guide to Essential BeeKeeping Equipment


    David LaFerney, first published by cookevillebeekeepers.com

    Honey bees are cavity nesters, and they will make their home inside of all kinds of things – hollow trees, walls, empty oil drums, water meter boxes – almost any enclosed space that they can get into. And through history (and even today) people have used all kinds of bee hives.
    However, in TN – and most other states – beekeepers are required to use hives that allow full inspections of the colony. “All hive equipment should be of the modern Langstroth type with hanging, movable frames…” However, Mike Studer the TN state Apiarist says “Top bar hives are legal in Tennessee as long as you can remove the frames to inspect for
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    Every Beekeeper needs to recognize the core components of a honey bee hive in planning to split their hive. Here is an article about making splits.

    "Making Increase"


    David LaFerney, first published by cookevillebeekeepers.com

    Making increase is how beekeepers refer to expanding their stocks. Not so long ago all bee keepers made increase because they couldn't just order some bees and let someone else do it for them. Somewhere along the line things changed and something that all beekeepers used to know became a mystery – It’s really easy to make increase.


    Any queenless hive that has the necessary resources to do so will try to make a queen.The required ...
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    From a Beesource.com thread, Lauri shows us how to work outside the old fashioned beekeeping box for new and easy ways to feed bee hives, especially when a beehive is low on food over winter or in spring. Here is the meat of her method:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lauri Miller on Beesource.com
    My recipe/method for sugar blocks

    I ran across these photos and thought I'd post them again.
    I put a sugar block on every hive that is in a single or when the cluster is near the top of the hive.

    25# cane sugar
    one quart cider vinegar
    sprinkle of electrolytes
    1-2 T citric acid (Found in your canning dept)
    splash of pro Health or
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    Dwain Cleveland called to pass along contact information for a bee removal in Pecan Plantation (thanks Dwain ). While doing a survey of the bee's location, I realized I'd done two take outs behind the house next door last year. We were in prime swarm territory!

    The homeowner had attempted to spray the entrance with wasp spray only to be turned back by defending bees. We didn't know how much of ...
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    Thurs evening I got a call from a lady in Hico that had a swarm in a tree in their front yard. Dwain had given her my name, so Debbie and I stopped by a took a look before dark.

    They were about 25 feet up in a oak tree tightly massed around a 8 inch limb. I had no way of getting them, so I called Dwain back and he agreed to meet me there the next ...

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