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    We meet at 7PM on the second Tuesday of each month at the Glen Rose Citizen's Center, 209 SW Bernard Street, Glen Rose, Texas


    Our goal is to provide opportunities to learn safe & proper practices for the management of honey bees; and in the process, build a stronger beekeeping community.


    Visitors are welcome!


    Glen Rose, Texas sits atop limestone formations containing dinosaur footprints. Our club celebrates that dinosaur connection in it's name: The Dino-Bee Club.

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    From a Beesource.com thread, Lauri shows us how to work outside the old fashioned beekeeping box for new and easy ways to feed bee hives, especially when a beehive is low on food over winter or in spring. Here is the meat of her method:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lauri Miller on Beesource.com
    My recipe/method for sugar blocks

    I ran across these photos and thought I'd post them again.
    I put a sugar block on every hive that is in a single or when the cluster is near the top of the hive.

    25# cane sugar
    one quart cider vinegar
    sprinkle of electrolytes
    1-2 T citric acid (Found in your canning dept)
    splash of pro Health or other scented essential oil of choice

    Mix together about 1/3 of the sugar and vinegar at a time in a five gallon bucket with a large drill and paint paddle mixer. If you try to mix it all at once, you will get uneven moisture distributation.
    Mixture will feel very soft, but not wet or sticky.
    I use a shallow aluminum baking sheet that fits right into my Cabelas food dehydrator. You can use any size pan you want, but be sure your bricks are no taller than your frame extension under your inner cover.
    Here I sprinkled some dry Beepro on the bottom of the pan.Don't do it, it just gets gummy. Sugar will not stick to the pan after it has dried.
    Fill the pan to desired depth with moistened sugar mix:

    Roll out and lightly compress in the pan:

    NOW sprinkle with Beepro or other protein mix if desired. I don't want to force them to eat protein if they don't want to, especially if they can't get out for cleansing flights regularly:

    Be SURE to cut the sugar into block sized before it hardens. You'll never do it after it's hard. It takes about 2 weeks sitting out in the unheated greenhouse to harden.

    But will set up and harden in 1-2 days in the food dehydrator at about 130 degrees:

    You can also let it sit several hours in your oven on low temp

    Here is the brand of electrolytes and vitamins I've been using for two years with excellent results:

    I bought it online at ValleyVet.com (I use about 1/2 tsp per 25# sugar)

    Continued below.........
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    At our April meeting Texas Honey Queen, Hayden Wolf, presented a very informative and challenging presentation about a new group of insecticides: The neonicotinoids. Because of the killing efficiency of the neonicotinoids, special precautions should be taken when used by homeowners and Agribusiness alike (see Texas A&M Agrilife Extension summary below) .

    Ms Wolf is shown with note cards containing ...
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    Thurs evening I got a call from a lady in Hico that had a swarm in a tree in their front yard. Dwain had given her my name, so Debbie and I stopped by a took a look before dark.

    They were about 25 feet up in a oak tree tightly massed around a 8 inch limb. I had no way of getting them, so I called Dwain back and he agreed to meet me there the next ...