• Girl Scouts Have Positive Honey Bee Experience!

    Our Dino-Bee Club Duo, LaVonda and Earl, provided these Girl Scouts with their first honey bee experience. You can see the kids loved it and couldn't take their eyes off the observation bee hive.

    The girls left the session with an understanding of how bees live. They also began to understand how flowers, forbs, shrubs and trees depend on honey bees and all pollinators for their success.

    Lavonda and Earl have represented our Club to our communities for several years...Our heartfelt thanks goes out to them for putting a good face on honey bees and the Dino-Bee Club. Here are some pictures...

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  • Dino-Bee Club of Glenrose, TX

    Meeting Information


    We meet at 6:30PM on the second Tuesday of each month at the Glen Rose Citizen's Center, 209 SW Bernard Street, Glen Rose, Texas


    Our goal is to provide opportunities to learn safe & proper practices for the management of honey bees; and in the process, build a stronger beekeeping community.


    Visitors are welcome!


    Glen Rose, Texas sits atop limestone formations containing dinosaur footprints. Our club celebrates that dinosaur connection in it's name: The Dino-Bee Club.


    Club Officers


    Chip Hough, President

    Carl (Crosby) Crosby, Vice President

    Vanessa Lyons, Secretary

    David Lyons, Treasurer