• Another Soffit take out!

    Dwain Cleveland called to pass along contact information for a bee removal in Pecan Plantation (thanks Dwain ). While doing a survey of the bee's location, I realized I'd done two take outs behind the house next door last year. We were in prime swarm territory!

    The homeowner had attempted to spray the entrance with wasp spray only to be turned back by defending bees. We didn't know how much of that poison had made it into the nest. Earl said he'd try to save the bees in spite of the possible insecticide contamination. His plan is to burn the combs and keep the bees and see how things turn out.

    Earl, Chip, Chip's sister Betty, Karen, Larry C and myself showed up to save these bees. It only took a few minutes to get the soffit down. Below, you see Earl and Larry doing some vacuuming before the comb came out.

    The removal went without a hitch but still took three hours. Earl plans to return early next week to close the soffit, in the mean time we expect neighborhood bees to clean up any residuals of the nest. We were able to piece together three frames of brood to anchor them in their new home. There is a risk of insecticide contamination, but Karen was willing to take that risk and she took the bees home with optimism. Earl will burn the remaining combs (because of possible insecticide contamination).

    A good time was had by all!
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